Saturday, July 30, 2011


Here is another frame I primed up by painting it first with a brown color and covered with an antique black, then sanded to give that prim look. I also stained the cross stitch. But I don't think the camera brought out that antique look to it enough. I also covered the back with a nice brown wool material. It mesures 15" long X 6 1/2" wide in the center.


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More pics from Bor,de,lo rug hooking exhibit

Sorry I didn't get to post more of the rugs earlier this week. The days go by so quickly.

Monday, July 25, 2011


I've been doing a little playing around with wood crafts and trying to make them look more primitive. Here is a wood candle holder that I painted with and old rose color and repainted it over with black paint then sanded down to make it more primitive looking, then finished it off with a walnut stain. I also stained the little cross stitch pattern to make it look more rustic(looks lighter in the picture then it really is). The pattern is of a little country angel holding a heart with tulips on each side of her and little hearts down below. The candle holder mesures 14 1/4"long X 6 1/4" at its widest part.

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And here are a few more rugs tonight from the Bor,de,lo rug exhibit at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton, N.B. until the end of August. I apologize again for some of the bad quality photos I took.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Podcast of the rug exhibit and gallery show today

I found some interesting podcasts from CBC radio talking with the artists to both exhibits that I just posted below on this mornings blog. Very interesting.

This one is from the Hookeuse Bor,de,lo Just copy and paste it to your search engine. I still haven't figured out how to use the link just yet.

This one is from the Salon de refusé


Hello my dear followers and lookers. I"m sorry I haven't posted in awhile but with the flower and veggie garden to tend to and summer visitors, I had to put things on hold in Blog land. I have been lurking now and then, but not creating so I thought I would start today with an Art exhibit that may be to late to post since its today but at least the word will get out there that there is a new Art Gallery in Moncton,NB. So for the locals or tourist that might be around Moncton this summer I have two Exhibits that I want to post.

First up is the Artisans Village Art Expo thats going on today and a very good friend of mine will be there also to show her art. I"m hoping to get there sometime today and will take pictures to show you for those who won't be able to make it. Here is the info.

The New Artisan Village is holding an Art Expo and an introduction to the Artisan Village space this Sunday. Details are below.

The “Salon des Refuses” a famous moment in modern art, to be mirrored in Moncton on July24, at a new downtown art and craft complex

What we know today as “modern art” first burst into public awareness at the famous "Salon des Refusés," exhibition in Paris in 1863.

The artists who exhibited at this legendary show had all been refused entry into the official “Salon,” among them some of the great names in the development of impressionism.

With that background in mind, and with the City of Moncton's annual juried show just now opened at the City Hall Gallery, The Artisan Village, Moncton’s new, downtown open workshop, gallery, and cafe complex is presenting a “Salon Des Refuses” on a local scale for artists not accepted into the City show.

“Given there were far more submissions than the City could accept,” says Artisan Village initiator Shane Myers, “we thought it might be fun (as well as instructive and worthwhile) to mirror that great art event by hosting our own ‘Salon Des Refuses,’ together with an open house day to introduce the Artisan Village itself. It’s a new facility, a new concept, people are talking about it, so the “Salon” is a fine way to give people a first look at the space while the individual studios/workshops and other amenities are still in the process of being set up.”

The “Salon des Refuses” and the Artisan Village open house will be held on Sunday, July 24th, from 10 am to 5 pm at the Artisan Village, 465 Main Street.

An 8,000 square foot studio space complex, the new Artisan Village on East Main Street is housed in the big industrial building behind the skateboard shop immediately opposite Bore Park. When fully occupied, sculptors, potters, stonecutters, ornamental ironworkers, ceramic artists and others will practice their craft or art in fourteen or more separate alcove-studios, all in public view and complemented by a café and gallery combination. There is nothing like it in all Atlantic Canada.

Full information on the Artisan Village here:

The second one is a Rug Hooking Exhibit that is going on now at the Capitol Theatre until the end of August. I was sorry that I couldn't make it to the opening night to hear the girls talk about their rugs and listen to the music that inspired them to make these contemporary pieces of art. I didn't mesure the rugs but they look like they would be 36"X36". I also apologize for some of the low light colors in these pieces because of my camera. They really have to be seen to be appreciated better than looking at the pictures from my camera. Here is some info on the exhibit and I will post some pictures today and in the following days. I must say they are all beautiful rugs with each their own talent in expressing their music.

the latest creations of contemporary hooked rugs by LES HOOKEUSES DU BOR,DE,LO. Executed with passion and a very contemporary approach, 19 artworks are presented, each one colorful and largely inspired by music.

This first rug is from my good friend P.W. who will also be at todays Artisans Village Art Expo showing other creations.
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