Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kindling basket for sale

I just finished this one and its called a kindling basket but can be used for whatever your heart desires.  Its about 13.5" tall and 11 1/4" wide.  The base measures 7"x 7".  I"m not crazy how the stain absorbed in some areas as you can see on the exterior bottom of basket but it sure makes it look rustic.
So I will be selling this one for $26
If interested email me @
Thanks for looking.


  1. Love your kindling basket. It's beautiful.
    Are you starting a basket business? Everyone loves a basket and they are so useful. Also they don't seem to take as long as rugs to make.
    Good luck with this new hobby.

  2. I guess you can say I am Julia, I can start selling them here and might do some local craft shows maybe.

  3. Good for you. Your baskets are great.


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