Thursday, December 29, 2011


Well I would like to start by saying hello to all of my blogging friends out there. It feels a bit weird to be blogging again since we're having such a hard time with our Satellite internet service, it takes time trying to post things now. I almost forgot how to post a blog and I haven't posted since September I think.  If our internet service doesn't frustrate me to much, hopefully I will be posting back regularly now. I thought I would start tonight's posting by showing you some little hand made gifts that I made for Christmas presents this year.

This one I made for my BFF. I primed up a little wooden frame and inserted a punch needle heart that I did on a piece of wool blanket.  She said she was going to put it down in her woman cave with all her favorite things.
 This is a prim sheep I made from my wool material. He's very primitive with a low back.  This was also for BFF.

This next one is for a good friend of mine at work. I primed up a little box and also did a punch needle heart.
This last one was for my boss to put in her office.  Its a small heart that I also needle punched and glued it to a small wooden frame that had a hanger on top of it.  I was in a heart mood and did a few as you can see.
Well that's it for tonight folks and I will see you back here again soon.

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