Monday, October 8, 2012

Recycled Wool Skirts For Sale

I'm getting rid of a lot of recycled wool skirts that I have collected for rug hooking but will probably never use, so I"m de-stashing what I can. I'm selling the skirts $2 a piece or for a certain price when bundled together. Most of these skirts are 100% wool or 80%. They are all washed and taken apart and ready to cut and hook with. These skirts are great for over dying or marbleizing with others . If there is a certain color your looking for, just let me know and I may have it. Most of these skirts are primitive colors and great for the old primitive look in your rugs.
I have more skirts that are not in these pictures.

For payment inquiries please contact me at:

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Change of email address

Hello Everyone, I just want to refer everyone to my new email address:
otherwise my email inquiries have been going to my junk mail in the old address:
I apologize to the ones that have emailed me back for orders and it has taken awhile in order to find your emails.  I hope this helps.  I"m still selling the items even though I haven't posted for awhile.  Please email me with your inquiries since some of these items may be on sale.
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