Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miniature Pictorials with Barb Leduc

I took the day off yesterday to spend some time with my BFF  and take a rug hooking class with some of the local Past Time Matters Rug Hooking group. The class was called small pictorials with Barb Leduc.  Barb is a gal from NS and helped guide us  in doing our pictorials.
We had a choice to do a 4"X6" or a 5"X7" for a mat.  This way it would be easier to put in a frame.  The gals I hooked with are very talented and each one had her own little story to tell in the pictorial.  It was a good day to take off and learn something new.  I won't show you what I hooked just yet because this is a gift for someone.  So until this person receives the gift I won't take a chance on showing it just yet.  But these little mats hook up quickly in a #3 and #4 cut and great for little gifts.  So here are some pics to show you what I did yesterday.

Here is Barb helping out my BFF(Anna) out with her little piping plover.  Anna is not happy with it because it keeps fading into the backround.  I told you to keep that darker blue in there.  But Anna is use to pulling out the wool in her hooking

Here are some of the other gals happily hooking away at their works of art and everyone of them was certainly that.

Here is Margie showing her log cabin.  It was great seeing you again Margie.

Carole hooked a beautiful church.  She's a great hooker.

These are some of Barb's little picorials.

Here's a close up of Anna's little birdie.  She has changed the look of it since and the Plover really stands out now.  Lucky for him because she was going to feed him to the Falcon hovering above if she didn't get it right.

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