Saturday, December 25, 2010

Magic Carpet Dyes Swatchettes and Dye Books

Since I have been getting sales and inquiries about the Magic Carpet Dyes, I thought I would also post the Dye books and Swatchettes that I have for SALE. I love the colors made up in these 3 dye books.  If your looking for any Antique or Primitive colors, you will certainly find it in these books and they are warm and jewel tone colors that I like. The books, and swatchettes can be sold seperately or together, wich can save you a couple of dollars.

By Susan Logue and Christine Little
26 formulas using 13 Magic Carpet Dyes.  The formulas in this book will produce beautiful dyed wool for any primitive, stained glass, geometric and pictorial projects.  Background and borders can also be dyed by using the combined dye amounts of the three value formulas. 

Dye book $16 PLUS SHIPPING 1left

Book and Swatchettes $75 PLUS SHIPPING 2 left SOLD

By Christine Little
33 New Dye Formulas Using Magic Carpet Dyes
This book is a bit different, having  recipes for spot dyes only
Dye Book $19 Sold
Dye book and Swatchettes $81 PLUS SHIPPING SOLD

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