Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just looking around the backyard

After weeks of rain here in the Atlantic province, the sun was out again today and by the afternoon you could walk around the yard without a jacket on. As I was walking about checking the flower beds in the back that are just finally showing that they survived, I spotted three gorgeous giant tulips that my hubby planted last fall by the little shed. I had to take pictures and thought I would show you since the sun was so bright against the shed. They almost look plastic, can you see the little knome hiding within the flowers? I envy all the southern American gals that have been blogging about their gardens and flower beds, since we are so behind in the season this year. Now we can finally see the light here in the Maritimes. So here are my giant short tulips.

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  1. Hi Doris, your tulips are lovely. It sure has been nice peeling off some of our heavier clothing and walking around in the sun today. I think that I may have the same short tulips as you, but I'm not sure, only mine haven't bloomed yet. They are called Tulipa Red Riding Hood. They have the same type of leaves anyway.

    I also been working in the garden today putting in a border. I had to call it quite when my back said "enough" . JB


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